There is plenty to wig out about when it comes to HR.

Human Resources causes me to become deliriously excited. I go completely wild for it—it’s true! I came to terms long ago with the fact that I’m an over-the-moon utterly hopeless nerd for HR. I believe in the power of the HR function to breathe life into an organization’s culture, to bolster employee engagement, and to drive businesses and their people to thrive as a unit. To put it simply: I’m Wigging Out About HR.

Wigging Out About HR specializes in helping small-businesses navigate the HR function. I can help you establish record retention plans, orientation & onboarding processes, disciplinary procedures, handbooks & policy, and more.

Is your business just big enough to need a dedicated HR professional, but just small enough that you don’t need a full-time HR Department? Consider outsourcing your HR functions to Wigging Out About HR, so you can focus your time and efforts where you most enjoy them.

With proven experience as an HR-Department-of-One, I’m happy to lend my knowledge and skills to support your team.

Being an advocate for the small business owner, I offer competitive rates and flexible payment plans. I believe that quality Human Resources should be accessible for all in order to develop positive, thriving places of work in our community where compassion and HR compliance can live under the same roof.

So, how does this work?

I will be in touch to discuss your business’ goals and to tell you more about my experience. This service consultation is and always will be 100% free. After gaining more insight into the unique needs of your organization, I will provide you a tailor-made proposal.